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Here is a selection of videos about Exercise Bikes as well as easy to follow tips and information and your questions answered about exercise bikes ...

Best Exercise Bikes Review
Exercise bikes have exploded in popularity in the last few years — and one reason is the engaging content that is now available on many bikes.
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Stationary Bike Workout for Beginners
This ride is all about the saddle! If you are a beginner or just got a stationary bike or exercise bike, this 20 minute beginner stationary bike workout is for you!
Read more about Healthware exercise bike.

30 minute Fat Burning Indoor Cycling Workout Alps South Tyrol Lake Tour

Read more about Schwinn 215p recumbent exercise bike.

20 Minute Bike Workout and Burn Fat Fast
Indoor cycle training is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly and train for cycle events. If you're looking for a lunchtime workout to either tone up or prepare for a bike event with some cardio-vascular training this 20 minute HIIT session is likely just what you need.
Read more about DP air Gometer exercise bike.

Indoor Cycling Workout & Fitness Training
This video is a 30 minute cycling workout to get you fit fast. This interval session is perfect for burning fat and building your 30 second max effort.
Read more about Schwinn DX900.

Cycling For Half An Hour Every Day ...
for enhanced muscles, increased flexibility, longer life, boosted confidence and improved mood : this video is about all this!
Read more about Schwinn 113 exercise bike.

The Top 7 Exercise Bike Picks

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A Review of the Top 5 Best Spin Bikes

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Best Indoor cycling Bike for Under $500
The truth is there isn't one single best indoor cycling bike under $500, but this video explains the best and worst things about 5 indoor bikes.
Read more about Schwinn 215p recumbent exercise bike.

20 Minute Fat Burning Workout & High Intensity Interval Training
Follow this indoor cycling training session and 20 minute workout - one of the best ways to burn fat and get fit fast.
Read more about DP air Gometer exercise bike.

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Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

By Robin Cassidy
Consumer ratings and reviews of recumbent exercise bikes seem to vary wildly. But how can one person's view be the total opposite of another's? I believe it's because people forget to contrast before they compare. By this I mean they don't compare like for like; instead, they compare a very expensive recumbent like the LifeCycle to a cheap model such as the Stamina. With this in mind I have selected what I believe to be some of the best models in the low, mid to high-price category.

Zumba Fitness Review and Try a New Exercise Class

By Darryl S Jones
If you are interested in zumba then a zumba fitness review can provide you all the information you would need about this popular new form of exercise. Zumba is basically a type of dance exercise where you will use dance steps form rock & roll, cumbia, meringue, mambo, salsa, belly dancing, calypso and the cha cha to help get fit and lose weight.

Horizon Exercise Bike - A Good Investment Or a Waste of Money?

By Robin Murphy
There are many positive reviews floating around about the most recent Horizon exercise bike models, but many are still hesitant to make a final decision and purchase one. If you are wondering how the top recumbent exercise bike models from this manufacturer really perform once you take them home, consider the following details on three of their top selling bikes.

An Exercise Bike Will Help You Get a Great Physique

By Trevor Barrett
Do you feel satisfied with the state of your physique? Have you been strutting yourself at your local beach front?

Exercise Bike Body Sculpture Tips

By Al Bullington
Exercise bike body sculpture happens as you lose fat and tone muscle. But what is the best way to get fit using your exercise bike? Use a combination of exercise and diet to quickly transform your fitness level.

Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike Reviews

By Robin Cassidy
To this day the Schwinn Airdyne remains a unique concept, though others have tried to imitate but haven't really succeeded in doing. The Airdyne bike by Schwinn does have some features that are nice but it also lacks some that many would want in an exercise bike in this price range. It's a good piece of equipment but it's not going to be for everyone.

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