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Want to Buy an Exercise Bike? Read These Tips First

By Romulus Banciu
Trying to lose weight has just become your top priority, or you just want to do some exercise every day, without having to leave your home. Then a cheap exercise bike might just be what you are looking for, and this article will show you how and where to choose one.

Get Fit Easily and For Free - Cycle to Work

By Mark David Smith
The world - and especially the internet - is rife with articles about how you can tone up, lose weight and get fit. Whilst it is encouraging that so many people care for others' fitness and health, the sad fact is that many of these articles and techniques are nothing more than advertising and profiteering. You don't have to get caught up in this world - you can get fit in weeks by just cycling to work.

The Benefits of Fitness Exercise Bikes

By Michael Joshua
Exercise bikes come in all varieties and are made to serve one purpose - creating a happier, healthier you. A typical exercise bike usually consists of resistance that you can adjust to suit your comfort level. This is a very good thing to have on an exercise bike because the more you exercise, the stronger you will become. Whether you choose a spinning bike, upright bike, recumbent bike or elliptical bike - they are each useful in attaining cardio health.

Exercise Bike Fitness - Burning Calories

By Al Bullington
Exercise bike fitness results from time on the saddle. Burning fat and losing weight is more complex than just burning up calories though.

Schwinn Exercise Bike - Are They a Good Buy For You?

By Kate Fox
Thinking about a Schwinn exercise bike? Wondering if it's a good buy for you? Here's a quick review of the advantages and disadvantages of Schwinn exercise bikes.

Exercise Bike | Healthware Exercise Bike | Schwinn 215p Recumbent Exercise Bike | Dp Air Gometer Exercise Bike | Schwinn Dx900 | Schwinn 113 Exercise Bike